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Writing Your Own Levels

This is a puzzle game. You must get your tank to the flag in every level. Your tank can move in four directions and can fire a laser that is used to move objects. The amount of moves and shots it takes to complete a level are recorded in a high score list. The scores are then compared with the your current “Global High Score” file. You can get a current copy of the global high score file on LaserTank web site. If you beat one of the scores by making less moves to finish the level, then send me an e-mail with your “LaserTank.hs” file attached. I will update the website with your score; however, you will have to prove your score by recording the level and sending the playback file to me also.

LaserTank Version 4.1 has 17772 Levels to play, as of November 2009. They are NOT in order of easy to hard, but the order I received them. So if you have played before then just start playing at the level that you left off at. Also if a level is too hard then just skip the level, you can always play it later. You can now set the program to skip the levels that you have already played. So you can always load level 1 and press F2 (new game) to play the levels that were not completed the first time through.

This game comes with a Level Editor so you can make more levels. The software program is HelpWare. You can use LaserTank for free, but I’m asking for your help. I want you to make a new level using the Level Editor, and send it to me. I will update the software every now and then and add the best of the levels that you send me.

You can E-mail & send your levels to me at:

The LaserTank Web site can be found at:

There you can find the newest version of the game, more graphics files, & temp level files with more levels to play. Also you should get the latest Global High Score file as I will not be updating the software with it.