LaserTank Revisions

1.0 Original LaserTank program ( 1995 some time ?? )
Laser tank game written using Turbo Pascal 1.5 for windows

1.0.2 Minor Revision (11/97)
Added Levels Total of 18
Cleaned Up Internal stuff

1.1 Minor Revision (11/97)
Made it so you canít shoot from the Tank Movers
Added Help File
Added Control keyboard commands
Changed Load Level Dialog to list levels by name & number
Add Levels Total of 40

2.0 Major Revision (5/98 )
Animated the anti-tanks
Animation will now run smother on slower machines.
Added Commands : Open Data File, Undo, Save Position, Restore Position & Remember Last Level Commands.
Rewrote the program using only the windows API ( was using Borlands Object Windows )
Totally rewrote the Editor, it is now full size.
Add Levels : Total of 78

2.1 Minor Revision (1/99)
Converted Undo to a 10 level deep undo.
Add Levels: Total of 151

3.0 Major Revision (5/99)
Converted Undo to a 25 level deep undo.
Modified logic: You can NOT move while on a tankmover.
Removed Sound Unit ( Did any one actually leave it enabled ).
Modified internal graphics engine (Now with 3 sizes)
Added High Score List
Added Recording & Playback features.
Added Commands; View High Score, Record Game,
Playback Game, & Size (small, medium & large).
Added 2 New Game Objects; Crystal Blocks & Rotary Mirrors.
Fixed bug in Editor where the tank is not saved in the proper location.
Added Right Clicking in the editor ( second object ).
Program remembers the last size & screen location.
Add Levels: Total of 300

3.1 Minor Revision (3/2000)
Converted Undo to a 50 level deep undo. ( but thatís it )
Added Sound Unit back in ( Yes people did like it ).
Added Global High Score List .
Modified Record Buffer to 60000 steps.
Modified Playback to find level by name if level has moved within the file.
Modified Load Level window by adding Search functions.
Modified Editor Save Window to ask if high score should be cleared.
Added AutoRecord
Created 5 Categories of Difficulty for levels
Added Skip Completed Levels function
Moved all preferences from the win.ini file to ltank.ini
Added more Keyboard shortcuts.
Added Commands; Global High Score, Save Recording, AutoRecord, Difficulty. Skip Completed Levels.
Add Levels: Total of 770

4.0 Major Revision (5/2001)
Rewrote game in "C" and used lcc-win32 to compile it in 32 bit code.
Added New Sounds, Also more of them.
Added three new objects; Tunnels, Ice & Thin Ice
Changed graphics engine.
New graphics.
Mirrors & anti tanks are now transparent.
User Graphics can now be loaded.
LTG files can be used to change the game appearance.
Converted Undo to an Unlimited size & fixed Restart Undo.
Added Replay command.
Added Keyboard Buffer.
Modified Game Record operation.
Added Mouse operation for game play.
Global High Score file now will not be updated when a score is beaten.
Add Levels: Total of 2030

4.0.2 Minor Revision (5/2001)
[Details unknown]

4.0.4 Minor Revision (6/2001)
[Details unknown]

Contributions between 2002 and 2005 are by Yves Maingoy.

4.0.6 Minor Revision (2/2002 - 6/2002)
Changed MoveObj routine to use old bitmap and not use the GetOBM macro. (Tere6 Bug)
Modified Restart.
Reset the mouse buffers in the restart routine (Andys Bug).
Modified so Open File Dialoges don't allow *.*.
Modified SendMessage(DEAD) in UpDateTankPos to PostMessage(DEAD).
Added "BlackHole" Variable.
Modified so program won't start with junk on command line. It must be ???.lvl to load.
Flag will now animate if something is over it.
If a sliding mirror is hit, it will deflect the laser & change direction.
Fixed Bug if a sliding object is hit on the side.
Changed Sliding on Ice again, Antitanks will slide if hit & mirror will double move lasershot.
Fixed Bug in UpdateLaserBounce caused from above.
Converted RC file to read sounds.WAV files directly (lrc is fixed).

4.0.7 Minor Revision (9/2002)
Support the language.dat file for internationals versions.

4.0.8 Minor Revision (11/2002)
Fixed sliding bug : emulate a stack for multiples slidings objects (max 15) in ltank2.c.
Add letters on bottom and numbers on the left of the main screen.
Fixed the speed bug: when the tank is firing, and is blocked on a convoyer, and hit a block which frees him (bug in speed PlayBack mode).
Fixed Ihab's & Gerry's XP bug: Add MAX_PATH for OPENFILENAME OFN and PBfn struct.

4.1.0 Minor Revision (5/2004)
Changed the version number from 4.0.8 to 4.1.0.

4.1.1 Minor Revision (7/2005)
Fixed the PICKLEVEL DIALOG bug : only for translated versions.

4.1.2 Minor Revision (7/2005)
Updated About.txt.
Updated About.txt (all languages).